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Born in 1995. He started to play the piano when he was 8 years old, music theory and harmony with 11 years and composition for himself with 12 years.

From 2012 to 2014 preparatory Studium, in 2014 he began studying composition at the University of Music Graz.

He holds the Bachelor’s degree Composition from the University of Music and Performing Arts Graz in 2018, where he is currently pursuing master’s degree Composition under Prof. Gerd Kühr and Prof. Beat Furrer.

He won some prizes from competitions of composition around the world, and his works are performed in several countries from Asia and Europe, as well as with Ensemble offspring (Australia), Bruckner Orchestra Linz (Austria), Schallfeldensemble (Austria), Jenaer Philharmonie (Germany), Tokyo Philharmonic Orchestra, Ensemble Szene Instrumental (Austria), and in Lange Nacht der Bühne in Linz, Forum Alpbach (Tirol), Weimarer Frühjahrestage für zeitgenössische Musik (Germany), Composium (Tokyo), Arsonore Festival (Graz). He received also a commission from the Musikverein Graz for a Konzert für Menschenrechte (concert for the human rights) in 2017. He was awarded the 1st prize in the Toru Takemitsu Competition (Japan) in 2019.

He receives a special scholarship from the City of Graz in 2018, he also receives in 2019 the “Musikförderungspreis (promotion prize for music)” from the City of Graz.